• Dive trips to the east


Dive trips to the east

East Point of Curacao offers the most healthy, pristine coral reefs on the island. Seldom will you see such a wide variety of healthy corals in one place. This area is still in excellent condition, making it one of the best areas in the region to dive. East Point is only accessible by boat, so an excursion here is an exclusive experience that really gives you the feeling of being away from it all.

As part of our East Point SCUBA dive tour, we offer a two-tank dive trip (two SCUBA dives for certified SCUBA divers), providing some of the best diving in Curacao. Whether you are looking to explore pristine reefs or surround yourself with a variety of fish and sea creatures, opportunities abound on this excursion.

For the first dive of the day, we usually try to go to the upper East Point, where we explore intricate reef systems created by the diverse, colorful coral. Many people don’t realize that healthy coral reefs are actually huge colonies of living coral polyps that move and sway in the ocean currents—you can actually see them moving if you get close enough! Coral is one of the building blocks of oceanic ecosystem, and we are fortunate here in Curacao to have healthy, intact reefs that are not only beautiful opportunities to explore, but also help keep the rest of the ecosystem in balance.

Surface breaks between dives are important for safety, as they ensure that you decompress properly before heading back down into the depths. But during the mandatory, minimum, one-hour surface interval, you will be able to enjoy sandwiches and drinks, recharging for your second dive.
The site of the second dive will be chosen by the captain and/or dive guide/dive instructor. The choice will depend on the sea state at that time, but no matter where you end up going, you are sure to enjoy
SCUBA diving in Curacao. If you are looking for the perfect location for your SCUBA vacation, East Point just might be the answer.