I came to the island of Curacao in 2007 after a fullfilled hotel ownership life in Amsterdam - The Netherlands. With all my experiences I bought a houseclose to the trendy Jan Thiel Beaches and redesigned and rebuild it into this beautiful mini resort. Now the Villa and the whole complex is even bigger and more spacious and contains a spacious 7 bedroom Villa with a large private pool. The Villa has a marvelous view over the natural habitat up to the sea. I didn't like the previous set-up of the complex so I re-designed it and also build five extra apartments, - a one-bedroom and a four two-bedroom apartments. The resort is now Ideal for Multi-Family Vacation, Multi-Generational Family Reunion.

By the way, I have two resorts located in different settings to create a unique experience, depending on the holiday you desire or the number of guests you want to bring, while maintaining the same level of luxury and relaxation at whichever resort you choose. The other resort is called "Dom Perignon" (please check it out here). 

(White Villa Resort "Cristal" can handle up to 28 guest and Champartments Resort "Dom Perignon" can handle up to 14 guests)

You're more than welcome at my beautiful resorts.

Saskia van Dijk